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Mixed liquor is a combination of sludge and water removed from the clarifier in the wastewater treatment process and reintroduced into an earlier phase of the treatment process. The mixed liquor contains microorganisms which digest the wastes in the raw water. Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS) is a test for the total suspended solids in a sample of mixed liquor. This test is essentially the same as the test you performed for TSS in the last lab, except for the use of mixed liquor as the water sample. In addition, the concentration of suspended solids found in the mixed liquor is typically much greater than that found in the raw or treated water. MLSS concentrations are often greater than 1,000 mg/L, but should not exceed 4,000 mg/L.

This method is an adaptation from the APHA 20th edition, 2540 D, p 2-57 - 58.



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